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Gummy Vitamin Co.

I’M Healthcare
reintroduces you to a
healthy self

As people worldwide, owing to higher Life Expectancy, start living longer, their focus on living healthier increases. No wonder, the nutraceutical market is expanding tremendosuly and a lot of innovation is happening in the genre of healthcare supplements. This is where I’M Healthcare comes in.


I’M Healthcare gives the world an op¬¨portunity to gel well with health. With world class care supplements and vitamins in the form of Gummies delicious form, the company envisions revolutionizing health for people across the globe.


The world is in a tremendous need of Nutracecuticals among all age groups. Due to our busy schedules and hectic lifestyles we have started ignoring health on all counts. We skip breakfast, forget to eat lunch and then end up consuming loads of unhealthy or junk food to avoid getting hungry again. Nutrition has become less of a priority for Indians which has led to many disorders ranging from obesity to heart problems and blood pressure to name a few.


I’M Healthcare saw this rising need as an opportunity to come up with a delightful way to induce healthy eating habits across the nation. Our Gummy supplements are unique owing with taste and appearance. These Supplements and vitamins are loaded with nutrients as they are developed from vegetarian sources through natural flavors & colors. Also, these are totally free of gelatin, wheat (gluten), milk, eggs, soy, treee, nuts, peanuts, artifical flavors.


The basic idea behind this company’s formation is to provide consumers with tasteful supplements with no compromise on quality and goodness.



We intend to become a front runner among the various Nutraceutical Companies.We want to shape a new typology of healthcare where solutions are easy and people are content. We wish to maximise our output so that it serves the need of the mass at large making us a leading name in the Nutraceutical Segment.


With the aim to achieve excellence in the healthcare industry, we aspire to indulge in 100% user satisfaction. Our standard of quality and the unparalleled production of nutraceuticals strives for perfection. We are setting the bar to make, distribute and sell the finest supremacy in Nutraceutical Products with our state of the art technology.